The Complements are best friends Greg and Alicia. Greg is originally from the L.A. area and is a classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist. Alicia grew up in The Netherlands and has a musical theater background.

Often recognized for their soulful vocal harmonies and blend and their charming performances, The Complements and their music have been described as "the sonic representation of a smile," (LEX the Lexicon Artist) and as having "an expensive sound." (Award-winning composer and producer James Gardiner)

When they opened for award-winning singer-songwriter Mark Erelli, he remarked that the venue clearly did not read the clause in his contract that stated that his openers "can't be any good at all."

With their debut EP Lend a Hand and forthcoming singles to be released, The Complements aim to spread a positive message through their music.

Photographer: Iconic Imagery

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