At some point, every person on this planet feels like they don’t belong. Maybe it’s because they don’t look like everyone else, or they don’t feel smart or strong enough. Maybe they don’t have the same possessions or live up to others’ expectations, or they never experienced a loving home.
Whatever it may be, the feeling of not belonging can be strong and disabling.
Everyone goes through their trials. But no one has to go alone.

Having gone through their own trials and feelings of not belonging--from growing up as ethnic minorities, to dealing with demanding jobs and difficult break-ups, to being trapped in their own minds--The Complements have set out on a mission to share with the world the healing power of music that they have experienced for themselves.

They encourage everyone to reach out, lend a hand, and help complete one another.


The Complements are best friends Greg and Alicia. Greg is originally from SoCal and is a classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist. Alicia grew up in The Netherlands and has a musical theater background. They released their debut EP Lend a Hand in July of 2017. Together they aim to spread a positive message through their music.

Photographer: Iconic Imagery

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